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Just when you wondered where the development of blinds could go next, how about a system which can control all your window coverings for you whilst you sit on a beach on the other side of the world? Seems a bit far-fetched, but not anymore with the introduction of the new Luxaflex Powerview system.

All your new blinds can be added to a network controlled from your smart phone or tablet. Once added you can simply raise and lower the blind as you wish with your finger tip or why not set times of the day you want each blind to be in a certain position and it will do it for you. So for example if you are on holiday for a week your blinds will still open at sunrise and close again just before it gets dark adding the perfect illusion that the house is occupied.

Users can also set ‘scenes’ where by you can tap a certain icon on your smartphone or tablet such as ‘movie night’ and all of the living room blackout blinds will close to create the perfect cinema room. Or maybe not so popular with the teenage kids but ‘wake up for school’ a simple tap can have all your kids blinds open to wake them up…. The options are endless.

The Pebble control system is also available which is basically a remote control with various raise and lower options but without the access to the main set up, idea if you want to let your children operate their own blinds but not anywhere else.

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