Vertical blinds are ideal for most windows including patio doors and conservatories. They give great light control and privacy to your room due to the flexible control over position and angle of the vanes.

Here at Crescent Blinds in Leeds, our vertical blinds are available in two basic slat widths of 89mm and 127mm and made from various materials, coming in many different colours and designs.

The headrails are aluminium and are powder coated in a variety of colours to suit your window.

You can even have a curved track for a bay window which follows the curve of the window and reduces the need for separate tracks and additional controls. It will also keep as much of the window ledge space free as possible and provide the best coverage of glass.

In addition to the fabric vanes you can also have ridged PVC and aluminium slats which don’t have the bottom weights and chains. These are ideal for areas where children and pets can reach as they will not get tangled in them. If you are looking for this extra safety feature but still want to stick to the traditional fabric vanes then the new gravity weights may be the answer. They provide the same weight to make sure the vanes hand straight but without the stabilising chain between them.

PVC and Aluminium vanes are also very easily cleaned as they can be wiped and scrubbed if necessary unlike some of the fabrics which may react to some cleaning products. Lastly, they are also waterproof so ideal for bathrooms and windows which get a lot of condensation on them.


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