Roman Blinds are elegant and stylish and are made from quality curtain fabric and come in a vast range of designs and colours. They can be adjusted easily to the height required by use of a sidewinder operating chain. These chains can be fastened to the wall to reduce the risk of injury to a child but the method we prefer to use is a quick release gear system. If a child was to become tangled in the chain the extra weight applied would be enough to release the chain from the headrail so they wouldn’t injury themselves. The fact it is not fixed to the wall makes it easier for the user to get hold of it and operate the blind at a comfortable angle.

Roman blinds give a warm soft feel to your home and are made to your exact requirements and can have either a standard or blackout lining. Due to their appearance and operation style it is a type of blind that can look great inside and outside of the window recess. If fitted outside just above the window recess it can allow another type of blind to be fitted inside. This then becomes the functional blind and the roman dresses the window just like a pair of curtains do.

Alternatively you can put the roman inside the recess and add some matching curtains outside to create the ultimate soft cosy look.

If you cannot find a fabric in our vast range you can have your own material made in to a blind. We can even do matching cushion covers, lamp shades, bed throws and bed headboards.


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