Roller Blinds are a simple type of blind but they come in a large variety of fabrics to offer either a practical or decorative look to them. With a choice of different scallops, trims and finishing touches that can be added to the blind you can transform the look of a plain fabric into a blind to suit your room.

They are particularly good in kitchens and bathrooms where you can either roll them up out of the way whilst washing up etc or choose a fabric such as PVC that can be wiped down and cleaned easily.

  • Blackout fabrics in different colours and designs are widely available for bedrooms to keep the room dark for sleeping in. This is particularly useful for children where you can either have a plain pink or blue fabric up to themed fabrics such as dinosaurs or cars. In addition to these there are the Disney and Marvel designs which update as new films are released. To view these please come in store to look at the latest collection.
  • They can be operated by side winder control or a spring. The side winder control will either be fastened to the wall or have the quick release chain connectors in accordance with the child safety laws. The springs remove the need for the looped cords and can allow you to position the blind by hand.
  • There will either be a toggle to get hold of or the use of the bottom bar but would only be suitable in areas where you can physically reach.
  • Alternatively for a small additional cost they can be motorised which removes all cords and is controlled by a remote control from the comfort of your sofa.

We also have a range of flame retardant and antibacterial fabrics which are widely used in commercial properties such as hospitals, public sector buildings and schools, etc.


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