Perfect fit uses a traditional venetian, pleated or roller blind but manufactures it within a frame in tension which is then fixed to the window. Perfect fit blinds were designed originally for opening doors to stop the blind from rattling when the door is opened it has rapidly grown into other uses such as tilt and turn windows and windows with limited or no recess.

The frame is easy and simple to fit and requires no screws as the brackets slide between the glass and the rubber seal. Once in position the frame appears to become part of your window with either a white, brown, grey, silver, golden oak or mahogany to blend in.

Due to the blinds within the framework being in tension there are no cords loose which is the perfect answer for the child safety laws. All blinds are raised with a small handle at the bottom of the blind and the only additional control would be a wand on the venetian which alters the angle of the slats.

Gallery – Conservatory Pleated Blinds

Gallery – Conservatory Roller Blinds

Gallery – Pleated Blinds

Gallery – Roller Blinds

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